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To us, you’re most important. Above all else we want you, our customer, to be 100% satisfied with both product quality and customer service.

Family owned and operated, Tekoware™ was founded in September of 2015. Based in Minneapolis, MN. We’re avid travelers, adventure seekers and risk takers… who love coffee and tea! With a small family run business like ours we must be efficient in a number of tasks and have a variety of different skill sets in order to keep pushing our business forward. It has been one fun ride so far and we are beyond thankful for your interest and support.

Our mission is to provide you with high quality ceramic and glass products built to last you a lifetime. We stand behind each and every single product we sell. That’s why we offer our lifetime warranty on any purchase.

Without you, we could not exist. Your support is what drives us to grow and expand. Expansion through advertising, introducing new product, hiring more employees, and keeping as much business in the USA as we can. To us, it’s not an option. It’s our responsibility.

We hand inspect every single product before it gets packed and shipped. Our unique designs on our products are only available for purchase here on or at our storefront on We are proud to have the opportunity to sell on

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.