Do you know how Secret Santa got started? I don’t either, but it is speculated that an American man started it by doing random acts of kindness. I’m not too sure about that but i’ll go with it for now. 

Secret Santa gifts can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know the person. Just remember, have fun with it and try not to over think the process. Just follow the rules that are given by the person coordinating the event and you’ll be good. But if you are looking for inspiration or ideas then you have come to the right place!


Are you doing a Secret Santa with your friends, family, or work place?

This is important to know because it will lead you in the direction of your gift. You may have to have an appropriate gift for your workplace versus a gag gift for a friend.

Is there a budget?

This will be helpful in limiting what you can buy (if there is a budget). Lots of Secret Santas cap the max at $10 or $20. Some Secret Santas only allow you to handmake your gift.

Once you have all the details worked out then it’s time to do the gift shopping! If you were lucky enough to get a small gift list from the person then you will have no problem, if you were not lucky enough to receive a gift list then it’s time to get brainstorming.

Food is fun for everyone!

You can’t go wrong with food. There are specialty cheese places that will allow you give a fancy cheese platter. Candy is also a great way to go, you can give them an assortment of their favorite candy or if you don’t know their favorite candy then you can give them a variety. You’re bound to get them at least one piece of candy they would like.

Drinking fun!

Giving little alcoholic drinks will brighten a cocktail lovers day! You can even make it look cute by putting the little bottles in a small basket. For the non-alcoholic lovers, hot cocoa or chai tea is a great way to go, throw in a few marshmallows to jazz it up a little bit.

If you are looking to bundle a gift you can get a small bottle of wine and pair it with a wine glass. To really hit home with this gift get a fun wine glass with a cute little saying on it!

Caffeine lovers unite!

Most people who go to work drink some sort of caffeine, whether that’s coffee, tea, or even an energy drink. For the people who love caffeine, you can get them tea or coffee as a gift with a mug to go with it. Or just get them a fun mug for them to drink their coffee in at work.

Must love pets!

If your person is a pet lover you can get them an item that is related to their favorite animal. If they love elephants, get them a gift that is elephant related, if they love dogs then get a dog related gift, and so on. This could be a picture, a mug, a wine glass, a figurine, etc.


Everyone needs to drink water, so get them a really cool water bottle! Or you can get a fruit infused water bottle. These are great for people who struggle to drink water and like to have a little flavor.

Make your Secret Santa shin-dig a little easier by handing out a worksheet for people to fill out, this will give the person shopping for them an idea of what they like!

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