Moms work their butt off for us. They are like Super Women saving the world plus they have a ton of other little tasks that need to get done on a daily basis. Give your Super Women mom a break by giving the gift of relaxation. Every super hero needs a day off from time to time.

The Classic Spa Package

What better way to relax than getting your mom a spa package. Pick and choose what you want to set her up with – a facial, a message – any of the options you choose will put your mom into some deep, needed relaxation. Let your mom know she needs to keep her spa experiencing going at home. Get her some relaxing bath bombs so she can take her bath experience to next level of relaxation.


What better way to relax then going to an actual meditation session? Breathing control and centering yourself is the heart of relaxing. Give your mom some fun zen time with this gift and give her a zen garden! She can create it in whatever way gives her the feeling of zen.

Workout Those Knots

Moms stress. Destress her by getting her a gift card for a massage. Her worries and knots will melt away, and it’s all thanks to your thoughtful gift. Don’t let her relaxation end there, get her a little something extra for after her massage to keep the relaxed vibes going. Get her favorite smelling candle and some chocolate to go with the gift card.

Float Therapy

Give the gift of the new relaxation trend, the float room! These tanks are said to provide the ultimate relaxation. But be prepared – there is no sound for the time you are floating in there, so make sure your mom is ready for pure quietness. Since she will be floating around for 30 minutes or so, add some grounding to her gift and get her a weighted blanket. She can have a full rounded experience of relaxation.

A Good Ol’ Bottle O’ Wine

Feeling fine when you are drinking wine! Give your mom a gift card to go tour a winery and test taste all the wine. Make sure to go with so your mom has someone to drink with or has someone to drive her home. What better gift to give with the gift card than a bottle of wine. You mom will be able to continue to enjoy her gift at home and feel like she is back at the winery.


Yoga is for all levels of experience. This is a great gift card if your mom needs some techniques for relaxation. Depending on what type of yoga she is into she can take one that focuses on breathing or one that gives you a full body workout. That’s the beauty of yoga! Keep your mom relaxed when she gets home with some incense, she will really relax with the soothing smells.

Getting Pampered

Now what girl doesn’t like getting pampered? Get her a gift card to get her nails done, include the toes to be the favorite child. She’ll get to relax and be able to wear sandals again with her new cool nail color! Buy your mom her favorite nail polish color so when her beautiful new nails start to chip she’ll be able to paint them quick and feel pretty all over again.

Hair Do

Is getting a gift card for a haircut really a gift? I sure think so! Along with getting her hair done, she’ll receive a mini head massage – those are the best part of the haircut! By the end of the session she’ll be feeling like a new women with her new hairdo. Pair this gift with a cool hair item, like a pretty headband or some snazzy clips!

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