What is the worst gift you have ever received? When I was about 10 years old, I received a large male t-shirt that was supporting a football team. At this age there was no way I would fit in a large male t-shirt (even now I would not fit in it), also, I was not into sports when I was younger. I didn’t even know who the team was. I remember pretending to be happy and faking a smile. It’s always an awkward moment. As I got older and continued to receive other odd gifts, I decided to make a list and hand it out to family members so hopefully I would not have to do the awkward fake thank you.

Figuring Out What The Heck Should You Ask For.

This sometimes can be the hardest part, thinking of things to ask for. Some people know exactly what they want. Me? Not so much. I usually need to sit and think about it. When coming up with your list consider these points of interest.

What are your favorite restaurants and food?

This is definitely my favorite category. On my list, under favorite food, is listed cheese. Someone from my family saw that on my list, went to a fancy cheese store and got me a box (A BOX!) of cheese. Needless to say that was one of my favorite gifts of all time.

Dig all around your brain. Start listing all your favorite restaurants, your friends and family can get you gift cards to these places. Another great gift for this category is asking for those new fancy subscription boxes. You could ask for a one time subscription or maybe they will buy you a few weeks or even months worth! If you like to cook Blue Apron and Hellofresh come to mind. I have tried both and think they are great!

Is there anything you are in need of?

I am always in need of something, but do I really want to put it on my gift list? YES, I do, because I usually put the things I need after the things I want (unless I am in dire need of it). This is probably the wrong mindset/priorities to have but that’s how my brain works right now.

Are you in need of any kitchen or cleaning products? Maybe your mop needs to be retired and you’ve been looking at a nice swiffer, ask for it! Think of things that might make your life a little easier, like a 3 hole punch vs the single hole punch you have been using. It can be something little or something big. If you never ask for it you may never get it.

What are your hobbies?

This one is fun! You get to ask for things to add to what you already like doing! What are the things you like doing? Are you working on any projects? What is something you are passionate about? Go crazy with this section!

Are you saving for anything special?

This section might be the place where you ask for money, but there are other things you could ask for. If you are saving for a house specifically then you would need to ask for money or someone to cosign with you. If you are planning on moving into a house you could ask for things to fill your house with (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.). One other example is if you are saving for a car, maybe you could ask for a gas gift cards – I know that would have helped me out financially when I bought my first car! 

One year, I was saving up for a trip and on my list I put the hotels, location, and dates for where I was going to be. A few people decided to chip in and give me an excursion that I wanted. It was awesome and really thoughtful!

This section does not have to be extravagant gifts. Maybe you have been saving up for a sound bar, TV, a sporting game, etc. There is always something I am saving up for – small or large. Just ask for it!

Do you have any pets?

I definitely put my dogs gifts on my gift list! I’ll make a list of the food she eats, a few toys I think she’ll enjoy, and of course treats. If you see something you really want to get your pet but may not be in a place to financially afford it then add it to your list!

creating your gift list

Creating a gift list will be helpful for the people buying you gifts. Don’t be the person that says “whatever” when someone asks what you want as a gift.

Some things to consider when writing your gift list is the budget. Asking never hurts but keeping other people’s budgets in mind is respectful. So when creating your list, if you want to have a few expensive things on it that is completely fine but don’t make your list all expensive items – you may get coal for Christmas then. Make sure to throw a few items on there that are on the cheaper and mid-range side. Variety is best!

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