Grandparents are the greatest! They spoil us with the best sweet treats, the quirkiest gifts, and give the best hugs. You’re probably like me and want to spoil them with a gift, but what gift do give do give to amazing grandparents?! I’ve listen some gifts that grandparent’s love and will treasure. As an added bonus, you’ll get crowned the favorite grandchild!

365 Days of Memories

Create a calendar for them with your family photos. Then when they flip from month to month they get to be reminded of all the good memories (and how awesome you are). Check out Snapfish, sylize your calendar your way! They have different layouts and backgrounds to choose from, beaware – you may spend hours having fun.

Custom Cookie Plate

Everyone says their grandma makes the best cookies. Get her a custom cookie plate so she can fill it high with cookies every time you come over. Grandpa will thank you for the gift because he will have an abundance of cookies with having grandma use your gift! Check our Shutterfly, you can make a custom plate using photos and design the way you want!

Create a Puzzle

Find your favorite photo and make a puzzle out of it. You can make it as easy as you want or as difficult. The more challenging you make it the more determined they will be to finish it so they can see what the end result is! Check out Portrait Puzzles, here you will be able to create your dream puzzle!

The New Favorite Mug

Do they like hot chocolate? That’s silly of me to ask, everyone has good memories with hot chocolate! Get them “Best Grandma” and “Best Grandpa” mugs, they can enjoy their beverage of choice out of their new favorite mug – because they know they truly are the best grandparents. Plus, they can show it off to their friends and brag about how awesome you are for getting it for them.

Picture Blanket

We’re bringing out the big guns with this gift! Make a blanket online with all your best pictures of the memories with your grandparents. We did this one for my grandparents and the look on their face was priceless. They laughed, they teared up, and they showed it off to everyone (when that happens you know you did a 10 out of 10 with that gift – winning!). Check out Personal Throws to create the best gift!

Custom Wrapping Paper

There are so many routes to go with this! Create a design, use pictures, place everyone in you families name on the paper, etc. You can make it into a hanging wall piece or wrap a present up in it and see if they notice it was customized! Check out Minted, get creative and have some fun with it!

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